Until 1945 this company developed into the biggest nonlisted private paper producer in Germany. The continuous
modernization of technology and engineering our locations was a part of the family business self-understanding from the beginning. Several social institutions within the company and its location demonstrated the owner families social responsibilities at all times.

After the Second World War all production facilities from Kübler & Niethammer became part of the Soviet occupying power. On order of Soviet administrations every facility was dispossessed, disassembled and transported away. In 1953/54 the GDR government decided the reconstruction as the “first socialist company in the pulp, paper and cardboard industry” under the name “VEB Papierfabrik Kriebstein”.

In 1965 three paper machines were in use, while in 1966 the first waste paper bleaching plant in the GDR became operational in Kriebstein. On 02 July 1990 the owner families’ descendants repurchased the company and renamed it to Kübler & Niethammer Papierfabrik Kriebstein AG. Production sectors like wood milling, tissue paper production and the brown coal power station were disconnected to make room for an efficient paper machine combined with a modern bleaching plant and infrastructure that build the technical basis for our LWC-production.