With a continuously high investment ratio

we are taking on the increasing demands in the effectiveness of processes, quality of paper and development of new products. We are building on a long-term stability and growth for the future of our production location.


The paper machine working speed was increased by 25 %. We also had extensive deinking system upgrades, an installation of a sheet stabilization system, an implementation of a new ventilation system and a sustainable three-stage heat recovery plant. Reducing the environmental burden is resulting in a specific decrease in energy consumption by about 30 %. Additionally we had a reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions on our gas turbine. Due to modern mufflers we
have decreased our noise pollution while increasing our productivity. The high paper volume, good printability and our customer wishes for adequate smoothness and gloss values became the standard with a new multi-nip calender here at Kriebstein. An entirely new roof with energy efficient ventilation for the whole paper machine hall was a key investment in our future, as well as the newly built finished goods warehouse with Radio-Frequency-Identification-Technology (RFID) for storage optimization.

Our to-do list

Further product portfolio optimization
Optimizing the overall energy concept
Further reduction of specific water and energy consumption
Implementation of the fibrous material utilization concept
Investments in paper equipment
A “new” office in the landmarked paper machine building