Responsibility for our employees and our region

During our long family history, Kübler & Niethammer have always supported its personnel and region by providing company housing, childcare, drinking water systems and a school with gym during the first quarter of the 20th century. Teamwork between management, staff and works council is essential for todays cooperation. With mutual understanding and respect comes a variety of company agreements such as working life improvements, health care and contributions to capital formations. By renovating and expanding our workforce and staff facilities we have, and still are steadily improving our working conditions. We focus on a modern, ergonomic and communication-orientated workplace design. In the future we will continue to accept our social responsibilities and preserve jobs by annually providing 5 % of our workforce to apprenticeships for young people in our region. Highly trained and qualified employees are an important element for our continuous process of improvement. Social responsibility towards our employees is an essential part of our identity to encourage collegial growth and cooperation.